Huangdi's Hog Recipes

Huangdi's Hog Pork Rub Recipes

BBQ’d Pork Chops (4 chops):

  • Coat each chop in a good amount of Ibérican Dehesa and olive oil
  • Set in a fridge and allow to marinade overnight
  • BBQ over indirect heat at approx. 120°C for 40 minutes
  • Rest for 5 minutes

Pulled Pork Burgers:

  • Cover each side of the pork joint in 2 x tbsp of Ibérican Dehesa Rub (excluding the fat). Either let it sit overnight to allow the flavours to infuse fully or allow to rest for an hour or two before cooking.
  • Turn the oven to 120 °C. Put the pork joint in an oven proof dish with the two garlic cloves and the water or cider. Place in the oven for 6-8 hours dependent on the size of the joint (anything over 1kg between 7-8, anything under 1kg more towards 6.)
  •  To make the Hoisin Sauce for the buns simply mix the Hoisin and the Mayo.
  • Slice the carrots into matchsticks, finely slice the red cabbage and spring onions. Mix with a dash of sesame oil and honey.
  • Once the pork is finished cooking, simply trim off the top layer of fat. Shred the joint apart with two forks. Add any liquid left over from cooking in the pot and sprinkle over a pinch of salt. Toss into the pork so its infused.
  • Add the sauce to the inside of the brioche buns (top and bottom bun). Add the pulled pork and Japanese slaw. Enjoy! 



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