One Thousand and One Nights Chest

The One Thousand and One Nights Chest is perfect for anyone looking to explore Middle Eastern cuisine. This Chest contains our two star award winning Za'atar and Ras el-Hanout.


Hand Blended Bahārāt “Earthy and Smoky”

Thought to have originated in North Africa, Bahārāt is a spice blend widely used in Arab cuisine. Our blend contains Black pepper, Green Cardamom, Cumin, Cloves Cinnamon Coriander Seeds, Nutmeg and Paprika. This is more of an aromatic blend and wouldn’t be considered ‘spicy’. It works well in a variety of dishes, my favourite being Bahārāt Marinaded Spatchcock Chicken, a genius combination of flavours invented by my mum!

Baharat Spice

Black Garlic “Umami and Sweet”

Black Garlic is an ingredient that’s very new to cooking in the West. It has a very unique texture and flavour, and is heavy in 'umami', which can best be described as a savoury, meaty flavour complex (think marmite, anchovies, mushrooms). It has a curious sweetness and richness. My personal favourite use of black garlic is to turn it into an aioli and serve it with scallops.

Black Garlic Spice


Turkish Aleppo Chilli Flakes “Hot and Sweet”

A coarsely ground chilli that originates from Turkey. Aleppo chilli flakes are far less hot than normal chilli flakes, but have more of an initial explosive edge to them and are great if you want to add a gentle and somewhat sweet heat to your dishes. Once you start using Aleppo's you won't be able to stop. Fantastic on any type of egg or in a salad. About a 5/10 in terms of heat offered.

 Aleppo Chilli Flakes (Pul Biber)

Turkish Urfa Chilli Flakes “Sweet and Smoky”

Urfa Chilli Flakes have a unique smoky punch and are different from most chillies in colour being a very deep crimson and so make a lovely garnish over salads or oily fish. 3/10 in heat.

Urfa Chilli Flakes


Indian Fennel Seeds “Liquorish-y and refreshing”

Fennel seeds will give an aniseed type flavour into your dish. They're far less powerful than Star Anise, but more versatile – similar to Coriander Seeds they'll bring an air of freshness to your dish. I personally enjoy using toasted fennel seeds with any type of white fish as they help add layers of flavour without overpowering the fish.

Fennel Seeds Spice 


Organic Indian Nigella Seeds “Peppery and Nutty”

Nigella Seeds have a nutty, mildly peppery taste with a slight edge to them. If you’ve ever had naan bread from a takeaway once you’ve tasted nigella seeds you’ll instantly recognise the flavour they impart to Naan bread! Sprinkle over breads, stir into rice and grain dishes.

Nigella Seeds Spice


Hand Blended Ras-el-Hanout “Earthy and Moorish”

Ras-el-Hanout is a spice blend that not many people have heard of, however it is extremely popular in Moroccan and North African cuisine. The name literally translates to “top of the shelf” as it supposedly a blend of all the best spices in a shop. It's said each family in Morocco has its own unique Ras el-Hanout blend, ranging from 10 to 80 ingredients! This is a great blend to give body to more funky meats such as lamb, but equally goes well with a variety of fish (Ras el-Hanout in a beurre noisette, drizzled over salmon is an especially delicious combination, see the recipe here.)

Ras el-Hanout Spice 


North African Rose Harissa “Hot and Floral”

Rose Harissa is a traditional spice blend originating from North Africa. Our Rose Harissa comes in a powdered form, however easily has the ability to be turned into a paste! To do this, mixi one tbsp of Rose Harissa with a tsp of olive oil and ½ tsp of tomato puree and a squeeze of lemon juice! This is great as a marinate or rub for all sorts of different types of meat or as a sauce.

Rose Harissa Spice


Turkish Sumac “Citrusy and Fruity”

Sumac has a gentle lemony, fruity tartness to it. In Middle Eastern Cuisine it is often used as a souring agent in place of lemons. Sumac can be a fantastic addition to all sorts of dishes and is highly versatile, my personal favourite combination is with fish and can also add a delicious sharp tang to vegetables.

Sumac Spice 


Hand Blended Za’atar “Herbal and Citrusy”

 Za’atar quite literally translate to “Thyme” in Arabic. The blend is composed of a blend of Thyme, Toasted Sesame Seeds and Sumac (sometimes people also add Oregano). Za’atar is an amazing blend which has become extremely fashionable recently. It’s perfect for all your dips such as Hummus and fantastic with feta cheese and goats cheese. 

Za'atar Spice

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