The Gunpowder Chest

The Gunpowder Spice Chest photo of the countess clipper which Jack Webley travels on

The Gunpowder Chest is a building block chest that every home chef should have in their kitchen. Containing the basics needed for almost every cuisine in the world this chest is versatile and perfect for anyone.


Organic Indian Cayenne Pepper “Hot and Spicy”

Cayenne pepper is made from grounded chilli and not peppercorns and is a major component in so many dishes, and the heat it can offer is core to many dishes. Try imagining any Thai food or Mexican food without the heat – it’s just not the same.

 Cayenne Pepper Spice

Indian Chilli Flakes “Hot and Tangy”

Chilli Flakes can be added to such a wide range of things, from chilli con carne to curries. Chilli can be used to really liven up any dish, however ensure not to use to many, they pack a punch! 7/10 in heat.

 Chilli Flakes

Organic Sri Lankan Cinnamon “Sweet and Woody”

An incredibly popular spice and around the world. Cinnamon can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. Whole sticks can be used to flavour stews or stocks and use the ground version as a lovely extra note to top off desserts but also some other savoury dishes.

Cinnamon Sticks

 Indian Cumin Seeds “Warm and Earthy”

These are really powerful little seeds and are widely used in cuisines around the world. They pack an earthy, warming and smoky flavour. It is important to note that these seeds are extremely pungent and can be overwhelming sometimes and so it’s very important to pair it with another spice. Coriander seeds usually do a fantastic job of this which is why you’ll commonly find them in recipes together.

Cumin Seeds


Moroccan Coriander Seeds “Fresh and Citrusy”

As mentioned above Coriander seeds do fantastically well as a balance for many other spices, particularly cumin. The cooling, fresh and lemony. If you’re not a fan of coriander leaves then don’t judge the seeds to quickly! They won’t leave the same ‘soapy’ feel that many people describe when they have coriander leaves. The seeds give you something quite different. They are also great for pickling things with!

Coriander Seeds 

Indian Turmeric “Warm and Earthy”

Proudly Yellow. Turmeric is  a wonderfully vibrant spice you’ll find all over India and other nearby regions. Turmeric carries a slightly warm and peppery flavour and is fantastic for colouring dishes. It will do miracles on cauliflower, cabbage and root vegetables. Just a touch will also wake up any pale type of soup (think leek and potato), when I say just a touch I mean it, a very small sprinkle will do.

 Turmeric Spice

Grade 1 Iranian Saffron “Bitter and Metallic”

Widely known as the world’s most expensive spice Saffron consists of the dried stigmas of the crocus flower and was used in the Middle East as a spice, dye and as perfume. Although the flavour profile I’ve given it may not seem appealing, we can trust in old Kings who prized it’s flavour – Henry VIII banned women in his court from wearing it as he was afraid there wouldn’t be enough to reach his dinner table! Saffron has a complex and bold flavour profile which is why so little is needed to have such an impact on a dish.

Saffron Spice

Spanish Smoked Paprika ‘Ahumado’ “Smokey and Barbeque-y”

A core component in Spanish cuisine, as well as Deep-South American dishes, think ribs and briskets. Use with confidence to add authenticity to your Spanish casseroles and paellas! If you prefer your Paprika a little more hot then mix with a little Cayenne pepper for a hot and smoky kick!

Smoked Paprika Spice

Spanish Sweet Paprika ‘Dulce’ “Tangy and Sweet”

Spain has a love affair not only with hot and smoky Paprika but also more mild sweet types. This Paprika can be added to most savoury dishes, including eggs, meat (especially Pork, Poultry and casseroles.) Sprinkle over potato salads, devilled eggs or even certain types of cheeses! Mix with Cayenne pepper to uplift if you are looking for more background heat to your dishes, without the smoky notes the ‘Ahumado’ will give.

Sweet Paprika

Hand Blended Gunpowder Spice Blend (Curry Powder) “Hot and Earthy”

Our house blend of ‘Curry Powder’. ‘Curry’ is very much a British concept, not an Indian one and simply refers to a sauce or gravy served with vegetables or meat. Our delicious blend is a great base to any spicy dish or fantastic to add a bit of zing and heat to sauces. Our curry powder is of the highest quality and a blend of: Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Turmeric, Mustard Seeds, Salt, Fenugreek, Cinnamon, Cloves and Black Pepper.

Gunpowder Blend Curry Powder

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