Gunpowder Spices - Refill sets

  • Refills are available exclusively to our amazing customers who have already bought a chest. They will be available at a reduced price.

  • To get access to refills, head to our websiteWhen you click on the refills you'll notice it prompts you for a code. This code is on the back of the card insert you got in the chest. If you've lost the card please email with the name of the chests you've bought and I'll send you the access code/discount code.

  • You'll get a 10% discount on spices that are in chests you've already bought (you'll need to enter the same code on the insert at checkout).

  • Once you've bought one chest you'll also get access to our WHOLE spice range - that's right you'll be able to order whatever you like from our range, even if you haven't bought that chest yet.

  • Refills come in 50G recycled paper bags to help promote sustainability.

  • Note you'll need a minimum of 5 refills to be able to checkout!